The great escape continued in March with a shoot in Egypt and a journey of contrasts from the incredible temples of Luxor to the decadent afternoon spent at the Cataract Hotel in Aswan overlooking the Nile whilst watching the Feluccas sail passed. From our Nubian island retreat overlooking the Philae Temple we set out on our four hour trek across the desert to the architectural wonder and engineering feat of Abu Simbel. From there we returned to the chaos of Cairo, the faded glory of the Egyptian Museum and the incredible Tutankhamun’s Mask. For all the endless images without viewing the mask it’s impossible to appreciate the unbelievable workmanship involved. Reality dawned again when we edged our way through the chaotic Cairo traffic towards Giza catching the occasional glimpse of the Pyramids until the only existing and oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World came into view. With every individual stone block weighing over two tonnes the construction still remains a mystery.

The Great Temple of Ramesses ll, Abu Simbel.
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